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This is an one day course on "Introduction to Wordpress and web-site creation with Wordpress". Here is a list of the topics that we want to discuss and demonstrate in the course. However, we will discuss related topics as they come up and if seem to be useful in the context of this course.


  1. What is a CMS i.e. what is Wordpress
    1. CMS Overview
    2. What a CMS can do
    3. What Wordpress can do for you
  2. Installation
    • Install Wordpress (Download and install)
    • Have a site at
      • just the first step to create
  3. Basic Configurations
    • Theme and plugins concept
    • Site Title, Header Image and similar
    • Appearance Option
    • Settings option
    • Theme selection
    • Plugins install
    • Plugins update
    • Web Site Creation
  4. Post creation - i.e. blog creation
    1. Page Creation
    2. Page vs Post
    3. Category for Posts
    4. Site Navigation Creation
    5. Placement of Navigation Menus
    6. Create your company web-site with the concepts explained so far
  5. Misc Administration
    1. Update pages
    2. Update Contents
    3. Widget and placing content on the side menu
  6. Misc Interests if time permits
    1. Login to the site
    2. Create and administer users
    3. Managing media
  7. Useful Plugins
    1. SEO - Yoast
    2. Security Wordfence
    3. Cache Supercache
    4. Responsive - like Graphene
    5. Wp Touch or similar
    6. Email marketing such as Sumo
    7. Contact us
    8. Jetpack
    9. Rich text box
    10. s2member
  8. Hosting Options
    1. Shared
    2. Cloud
    3. VIP