Alexa, an Amazon company, is one of the mostly referred internet statistics engines. Alexa keeps track of the top billion web-sites in terms of visitors. Alexa utilizes Alexa toolbars as installed by many internet visitors to keep track of site visitors. Alexa also utilizes statistics from many other sources. Based on all these data, Alexa creates a ranking list of the websites. The lower the rank, the more is the traffic for that web-site.

Having a good Alexa ranking is beneficial for any successful online business. It increases the trustworthiness of the online business.

Here at VisitorsShop, we understand the value of Alexa ranking. More importantly, we can deliver the traffic to increase the Alexa ranking of your online presence.

Let VisitorsShop do all the hard work for you and see the Alexa ranking of your website increase daily!

What does Alexa ranking worth?

Online marketers and webmasters consider Alexa rank to be extremely valuable. In general, good alexa ranking increases your site value and reputation. Advertisers and investors start to trust your business.

How do we increase Alexa ranking?

We do not use any deceptive methods such as bots and automated hits to increase the Alexa rank. As we are in this business for a long time, we could identify a certain type of legitimate internet traffic that boosts Alexa ranking. The traffic will be through our adnetwork and search partners.

How long to wait to see an increase in your rank?

In general, one month to 6 months. If your site is already in the top 100k, you will see increase in a matter of weeks. However, if you are not in the top 100k or have a very new web-site, it will take three months to six months to see a significant increase in Alexa ranking. Sometimes, we see huge boost in Alexa ranking in a month with our Alexa traffic

This is some special quality traffic; hence will cost more than the other types of traffic that we sell. No discount on this traffic. Order now to start your campaign today.


  • TRAFFIC PLAN 1 5,000 VISITORS $60.00 / month
  • TRAFFIC PLAN 2 10,000 VISITORS $120.00 / month
  • TRAFFIC PLAN 3 25,000 VISITORS $300.00 / month
  • TRAFFIC PLAN 4 50,000 VISITORS $600.00 / month
  • TRAFFIC PLAN 5 100,000 VISITORS $1200.00 / month
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